Why I've Started the Vancouver VR Community

25 April 2017

Vancouver VR Community Launch Animation

For the past year or so I’ve been a part of an amazing local community of game developers called Indiepod. Each week we meet up to discuss our progress. The numerous things I’ve shared with the group and learned from them has been instrumental in helping me release my first game, find work in the burgeoning Virtual Reality (VR) space, and stay on track during my transition from app to game developer.

Earlier this year I realized that there was nothing similar to this in Vancouver specifically focused on VR games, content & experiences. A few events seemed focused on the standard lecture format, and cost anywhere from $15 - $40 to attend. A free, tight-knit community built around VR was something I was missing from my life.

In light of this I decided to team up with a few fine folks here, and we’ve been chatting with (and taking cues from) some neighbouring VR communities (VR Austin, Seattle VR) on how to run a healthy community. We’ve also been in talks with many local VR companies on how we can promote the benefits of Virtual Reality as a whole.


I’m happy to announce that I’ve banded together with a few fine folk here in Vancouver to create a new community for VR developers, enthusiasts, artists, etc. Radical inclusivity and transparency are the key tenets of the new Vancouver VR Community’s modus operandi. For instance, if you’d like to be involved in the direction, our #mods channel on our Discord chat server is public and open for anyone to participate.

We’ve been hard at work putting together a list of resources, featured VR projects being developed in Vancouver, and keeping track of current & upcoming events.

We will be at the upcoming Consumer VR Convention (CVR) in a couple of weeks, so make sure to come chat with us or just stop by to say hi.

Lastly, to celebrate the launch we have two giveaways on right now. You could win tickets to either this weekend’s YVRFF film fest, or Sunday tickets to CVR. Find more details here: http://vancouvervrcommunity.com/

To The Future

One last thing, we are currently seeking out space for our inaugural meetup (penciled in for Tuesday, May 16th). If you know of a space that could host 20 - 30 people, and ideally already has a Vive or Rift setup (or other VR goodies) then drop us a line! Cheers. 😄

And a big thanks to everyone who has provided the news of this community with a warm reception so far. I love when I see everyone banding together to create a terrific ecosystem such as this for all who want/need it. I’ve got a feeling 2017 is going to be a fantastic year.

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