The Internet Effect or: My First Taste of Reddit Glory

20 March 2017

A super interesting thing happened the other day. I took a very simple action which was seen by hundreds of thousands of people, possibly millions.

I was browsing the ol’ tweetstack and one jumped out that I thought was hilarious albeit super geeky. And their followup tweet just added to it. I had just woken up, was barely alive yet and thought “I wonder if /r/programmerhumor would like this?”.

I snapped a screenshot, unchecked “msg my inbox with comments/replies”, posted it on reddit and went on with my day.

About 8 hours later I was looking at reddit and came across the post. Turns out the answer was a resounding “yes”. The post had legs. There was roughly 2,900 upvotes on it, and it was at the top of /r/programmerhumor. I stumbled upon this bit of data that I forgot I had cross-posted from one public forum to another in the early hours of my mornin’.

The strangest bit to me was that it wasn’t my original content. In fact, it only took me roughly a minute to snap the screenshot and post on reddit.

I messaged a friend and let her know about it, then went on with my day. A few hours later it shot up again, and this time it was over 10,000 upvotes.

I’m guessing it ended up on reddit’s frontpage, because the uptick was crazy. At the time of writing this, it now sits in /r/programmerhumor’s top 10 of all time.

I wanted to share this experience with you as I found it so bizarrely fascinating, that something someone can do these days can affect millions everywhere instantly. Knowing that is one thing, and experiencing it is another. I’m absolutely hooked on the feeling, and looking to recreate it. But next time, it’ll be different. Next time, it will be with something I created.

Reddit Post - Original Tweet

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