Blending songs together on an album using Ableton Live’s ‘Resampling’

23 December 2016

Recently, I found myself wanting a simple way to blend 2 tracks in Ableton Live together. There’s tons of different ways to pull this off. I came up with one quick way that had pretty good results.

I opened up the 2nd song, created a new track (naming it “# Resampled”), then armed it for recording:


Find a section in the 2nd song you want to tie into the previous song (I usually took the first 4 bars), press ‘Record’ and blammo! – you have a new audio file (made up of any tracks that were playing) that you can copy from this tune and paste in at the end of the 1st song.

Listen to the last part of the track “Ballast” fade out while the pre-intro and finally intro of “Euphoria” blends in:

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