Review: 2017

31 December 2017

Unity 2017.3: Speeding up Compile Time with the New Assembly Definitions

20 December 2017

Unity compile times, before and after Compile Time (AKA: thumb-twiddling time) Comparison

In Unity, each time you make any change to your C# code the entire project is recompiled. This can take anywhere from a couple of seconds to minutes, depending on your computer’s hardware, the size of your project and number of plugins.

Thankfully, a new feature was released yesterday in Unity 2017.3 which allows you to selectively recompile certain files, instead of the entire project. This can greatly speed up your development time, as you typically do not change code in your 3rd-party plugins.

Read on for a quickstart guide on how to get this working for you.

Unity VR: WorldSpace UI Performance Optimizations

9 September 2017

For the past six months I’ve been working on a city-building sim named Skytropolis for VR & Desktop in Unity. Early on we realized a need for a UI (user interface) where the player could choose which buildings they would want to add to their city. Instead of creating a typical, uninspired flat UI and pointing a laser pointer at scrollbars and menus (similar to using a web browser) we decided to create a card deck concept where you choose buildings from your card hand (similar to any card game you’ve played).

One of the largest challenges so far while developing Skytropolis has been solving the best ways to keep performance smooth. We need to hit and keep the game at over 90FPS for the Vive & Rift, while maintaining a visually interesting aesthetic.

Why I've Started the Vancouver VR Community

25 April 2017

Vancouver VR Community Launch Animation

For the past year or so I’ve been a part of an amazing local community of game developers called Indiepod. Each week we meet up to discuss our progress. The numerous things I’ve shared with the group and learned from them has been instrumental in helping me release my first game, find work in the burgeoning Virtual Reality (VR) space, and stay on track during my transition from app to game developer.

The Internet Effect or: My First Taste of Reddit Glory

20 March 2017

A super interesting thing happened the other day. I took a very simple action which was seen by hundreds of thousands of people, possibly millions.

I was browsing the ol’ tweetstack and one jumped out that I thought was hilarious albeit super geeky. And their followup tweet just added to it. I had just woken up, was barely alive yet and thought “I wonder if /r/programmerhumor would like this?”.

I snapped a screenshot, unchecked “msg my inbox with comments/replies”, posted it on reddit and went on with my day.